teeth bleaching

What is teeth bleaching?

Teeth bleaching is a procedure when teeth are getting whiter beyond the natural color. This is achieved by using some bleaching product that contains bleaching ingredients such as carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide or the natural and safe sodium bicarbonate. These substances are used as the key active ingredient and are able to provide amazing whitening results.

What are the differences between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching?

Unlike popular belief, these two terms are not the same, even though they are similar. Teeth whitening basically means removing the stains and dirt from the surface of the teeth and restoring its previous natural color. As we age, our teeth are getting darker, so teeth whitening is not always able to provide desired whitening results. However, many bleaching products are referred to as teeth whitening products, so you should always read the product description to be sure what are you getting.

On the other hand, teeth bleaching is a powerful method that is able to lighten the teeth by up several shades and give them that white-glowing color you will be proud of. Chemical known as peroxide is widely used for whitening purposes and the concentration of it greatly varies according to bleaching method used.

Because peroxide is an aggressive chemical, home bleaching treatment contain much lover concentration of it. If you visit the dentist to undergo bleaching surgery, he will use much stronger concentration. Lately, natural alternatives started to be preferred and sodium bicarbonate is more and more used for bleaching purposes. This 100% natural substance provides even better results than peroxide and most important it’s absolutely safe to use.

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