Teeth Whitening Methods

Achieving a bright and attractive smile is easier than ever before and there are several methods available that will help you bring a white-glowing smile onto your face. You can basically choose out of these options:

  1. Laser cosmetic surgery at your dentist or in cosmetics clinic
  2. Teeth whitening procedures under the supervision of the dentist
  3. Home teeth whitening kit

All of these are highly effective when it comes to teeth whitening, but there are some pros and cons related to every method. Following a brief description of the best teeth whitening methods above will help you decide which one you will go with. With all of these options for teeth whitening, it poses one question, is it safe? In a recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan, which measured the efficacy and safety of teeth whitening products. They used strips, gels and paint on films. The study showed that these products did indeed brighten teeth with minimal tooth and gum irritation the researchers stressed that the study only lasted two weeks and that long term effects could not be determined.


Laser whitening


  • only 1 or 2 visits are usually needed to achieve desired results, so laser whitening is one of the fastest methods
  • very effective bleaching method allowing to lighten the teeth up to 10 shades
  • the effect can last up to two years without any other treatment needed


  • far the most expensive option and only a few people are willing to pay up to $1000 for one procedure
  • even though it’s only occasionally, a laser can damage the very top layers of the teeth that results in temporary sensitivity

At-Home Whitening (Supervised by a dentist)

At-home teeth whitening takes much more time to get good results. Using trays or whitening strips may take many days before you notice substantial smile whitening; toothpaste can take months before minor bleaching has occurred.


  • under the supervision of professionals, you are sure that the whitening procedure will be properly performed and you won’t have to deal with side effects. If some unwanted issue shows up, a dentist is right there to help you out
  • dentist can monitor the overall whitening progress by using a shade chart
  • dentist can answer all your teeth whitening questions, so you will better understand the bleaching procedure


  • even though less expensive than the laser treatment, still these whitening options are too expensive to be used widely. To achieve some satisfying results, you will have to visit the dentist multiple times. One appointment could cost up to $250
  • the most important bleaching part will be carried out by yourself at home, so there is no need to waste money on a dentist when you can achieve the same results by using much cheaper home teeth whitening kit

Home teeth whitening kits

Ok, so you don`t have the money to pay your dentist to have your teeth whitened, and your dental insurance (if you are lucky enough to have it) won`t cover anything “cosmetic”. Johnson & Johnson makes the claim in its advertising that you can “whiten your teeth, while you walk your dog.” An attempt to promote sales of its teeth-whitening product called Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips. These strips can be found at your local pharmacy or where dental products are sold. Not ready or don`t have enough time to use a whitening strip? Not to worry, now you can whiten fast with Rembrandt`s teeth whitening pen. You basically “write” on your teeth. The pen is available where dental products are sold.

Regardless of whether it’s a tray system or a whitening toothpaste, these over-the-counter whitening products all operate the same way. Each one contains a bleaching agent of some kind which will help reduce the appearance of stains or general discoloration. Of course, the strength of the bleaching agents in over-the-counter products is no match for the bleaching agents used in professional teeth whitening treatment.


  • the most affordable whitening solution that provides comparable results as both expensive methods mentioned above. Effective home teeth whitening kit cost $70 on average
  • whitening kits are extremely easy to use and come with flexible mouth trays


  • some whitening kits are using peroxide as the whitening agent thus could carry some minor side effects. Try to use kits based on sodium bicarbonate to avoid any unwanted issues

The final decision is up to you, but we do not see a reason why to pay for expensive whitening methods when home teeth whitening kits are able to provide same results and have many benefits over those costly cosmetic surgeries.

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