review of Sheer White Teeth Whitening Strips

Sheer White Teeth Whitening Strips Review


What We like

As far as teeth whitening strips go, there is a lot to love about Sheer White Teeth Whitening Strips. There are so many positive things that you will appreciate about this particular set of whitening strips. Some of our favorite attributes include:

  • Five day treatment – this treatment is so powerful that it only requires five days in order for you to experience the maximum benefits. This is great for those who are looking to experience high quality teeth whitening as fast as possible.
  • Low price – since the treatment only lasts for five days, these whitening strips are a lot less than some of the other more expensive brands that require 14 days or more. On average, you’ll only have to spend about $25, or maybe a little more, to acquire these incredible teeth whitening strips.
  • Fast acting – most important of all is this treatment works very fast. You will notice a significant difference in the brightness of your teeth after one use. And after using these whitening strips for five days, you will notice a tremendous difference and see beautiful bright white teeth when looking at yours in the mirror.

We really love these whitening strips. And we know if you give them a try, you are going to love them too.

What We Didn’t like

Nothing is perfect in this life as we all know. And that goes for Sheer White as well. Although personally, this reviewer has nothing negative to say about this product at all. But our team took the time to read countless reviews about this product online, and throughout our investigations we have discovered that some people did run into a couple of problems when using these strips.

Some less than positive gripes include:

  • The strips were dried out the last time she ordered them – one reviewer unfortunately had a negative experience the last time she ordered the strips. For the most part, she always had incredible success when ordering the strips and really likes the product. But her last batch came to her dried out even though they did not go past the expiration date. When the strips are dried out they will not work as well as they should, and this is something to be aware of because it could happen to you as well. In a situation like this, just return the whitening strips and ask for a new batch. Have the seller make certain that they are a fresh batch so that you do not run into the same problem again.
  • The strips have a saccharine taste to them – another reviewer did not like the way that the whitening strips tasted when she put them on her teeth. She said that they tasted like saccharin, and unfortunately she did not prefer the way that they tasted. We have never read about the strips tasting like saccharin anywhere else, but we did want to point it out in case this is going to be a problem for you as well.
Our Overall Feelings:

At the end of the day, choosing whitening strips all comes down to your personal preferences and needs. If you prefer to use a fast acting formula that will literally turn your teeth bright white in half the time, then Sheer White whitening strips are definitely the best option for you.

Remember, these whitening strips work fast. You only have to wear them for five days in order to achieve the best benefits. So, if you are looking for quick strips these are definitely going to be the best ones to choose.

Our Full Review of Sheer White Teeth Whitening Strips

In order to provide you – our reader – with the best experience, we have chosen to dive deeper into this product so that we can bring you an even more thorough review. We’ve shared plenty of information with you already, but there are still a few other important topics that we haven’t had the opportunity to touch upon just yet. We will do so right now.

How Do They Perform?

Thankfully, this question is so easy to answer. These teeth whitening strips perform better and faster than just about any other whitening strip on the market today. And this is absolutely a good thing because they only provide you with a five day supply since they are so effective.

The beauty of this product is that they go on easy and they stay firm without moving around at all. This allows them to really penetrate your teeth and get rid of all of the brown and yellow stains. These whitening strips are a significant advancement in strips of this nature. Up until recently, the only strips that you could buy were those that took 14 days at a minimum in order to provide maximum benefits. Those days are long gone now that Sheer White whitening strips exist.

Are They Comfortable to Wear?

Yes, they are very comfortable to wear. In fact, after fastening the strips to your teeth, you do not have to worry about any slipping and sliding whatsoever. They will stay securely to your teeth and you’ll hardly notice that you’re even wearing them.

Active Ingredient

The active ingredient in this product is known as 20% carbamide peroxide. The peroxide has the ability to penetrate under the enamel of your teeth to wipe away all of the stains and discoloration built up underneath.

How Do They Work?

If you have never used teeth whitening strips before, you are in for a treat. These strips are so easy to use.

Just place them over the top row of your teeth and the bottom row of your teeth. You only need to leave them in place for 30 minutes a day to experience the maximum benefits. Once removed, please brush your teeth to wipe away the excess gel.


To wrap things up, we feel a brief summary is in order. These whitening strips are great because:

  • they are very effective and only take five days instead of the typical 14 to experience the best benefits
  • they are a cost-effective option: you’ll only spend about $25 on your purchase
  • they work quicker than the leading brands
  • they fasten to your teeth better than the leading brands

When all is said and done, we highly recommend Sheer White Teeth Whitening Strips. This is an excellent product that we feel you should try, so pick up your five day supply today.

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