review of Mr. Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips

Mr. Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips Review

In reality, there’s a whole lot to like about Mr. Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips. The easiest way to discover what to like about this product is to provide a brief summary, which we will do right now.

  1. First off, we appreciate this product because it does not contain any peroxide. Although peroxide containing teeth whitening products are very effective, they also have the ability to wear away the enamel on your teeth and they hurt those with sensitive teeth and gums.
  2. Second, this product will keep your enamel safe, as we have just mentioned. Since there is no peroxide, you do not have to worry about the natural product wearing away the enamel of your teeth.
  3. Third, since this is not a whitening kit, there are no messy trays that you need to worry about whatsoever. You simply place the whitening strips over your teeth and use them for the designated 15-30 minutes required to experience the best benefits from this product.
  4. Fourth – and most important – is that these teeth whitening strips work fantastically at removing stains. Your stains will become a thing of the past if you use these strips regularly for the allotted time needed to get the job done.


What We Don’t like:

It’s important to note that we do not have too many negative things to say about Mr. Blanc whitening strips. But based on personal experience and some of the reviews that we have read on the Internet, there are a few things that we would like to bring to your attention.
According to some customers, here are a few negative things that they felt necessary to mention in their reviews:

  • Didn’t work is expected – before you begin believing that this product doesn’t work, please bear in mind that this particular reviewer did not give the product a whole lot of time to do its job. The reviewer only tested the product briefly and did not experience immediate results. That does not necessarily mean that it doesn’t work. It just means that this particular reviewer may have been a little bit impatient.
  • Higher price than expected – clearly, the reviewer mentioning the price felt that it was a little bit too high for her budget. In all honesty, after looking at the price on Amazon, we feel that it is very fair when compared to some of the other teeth whitening products on the market. In fact, some whitening strips cost nearly twice as much as this particular set of strips, so saying that the price is too high is subjective at best. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own opinion. Use your best judgment as far as price is concerned.
Our Overall Feelings:

By now, it should be plainly obvious that we feel Mr. Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips are an excellent value for the money. Not only do they work, but in our opinion they are quite cost-effective.

Since this product does not contain any peroxide, it is the perfect option for those individuals suffering from sensitive teeth. If your teeth are sensitive and often hurt when using other teeth whitening strips, the reason is because of the peroxide contained in the formula. You will not have to worry about any sensitivity issues at all when using this brand. So please keep that in mind when making your whitening strips selection.

Our Full Mr. Blanc Review

We have spent a great deal of time testing out and sampling many of the teeth whitening strips available online and in local stores. Plus, we have taken a great deal of time to read as many online reviews in regard to these particular whitening strips that we could find. In this instance, we will share our personal experiences and information that we have acquired online in regard to Mr. Blanc’s whitening strips. This will help you acquire a good understanding of this product and how it works.

How Do They Perform?

As far as whitening strips performance goes, this product definitely gets the job done. And we particularly appreciate the fact that these whitening strips actually work without the need to have hydrogen peroxide as one of the main ingredients.

We really think these whitening strips are excellent for a number of reasons. First off, they are very easy to use. Second, they remove ugly stains from your teeth. Third, all of the ingredients are enamel safe.
These strips perform at the highest level. If you need to remove stains and have sensitive teeth, this is the right product for you.

Are They Comfortable to Wear?

Comfort is a difficult topic to discuss because everybody has their own ideas of what they find comfortable. The best part about these whitening strips is that they do not slip and slide on your teeth. You can eat food and talk while wearing them and not have to worry about them falling off. If this constitutes your idea of comfortable, then they are definitely a good choice for you.

How Do They Work?

All in all, they make it very simple to use these whitening strips. As a matter of fact, just follow a simple four step process to achieve maximum results.

The steps include:
  • There are two whitening strips in each package. Open up the foil package and proceed to the next step.
  • Use a towel to dry your teeth. Once your teeth are dry, place the one strip over your bottom teeth first, and then use the other strip to cover your top teeth.
  • Keep the strips on your teeth for the next 30 minutes or until they dissolve. Although you can eat or drink while wearing them, it is recommended that you don’t in order to achieve the best results.
  • If the strips haven’t dissolved after half an hour, please remove them, discard them and then rinse the gel from your teeth.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve gotten this far, then it should be obvious that we recommend (and love) Mr. Blanc whitening strips. The reasons we recommend them are as follows:

  • the whitening strips are easy to use
  • they do not contain peroxide so they are perfect for sensitive teeth
  • they keep teeth enamel safe and free from harm
  • excellent whitening strips that have the ability to remove tough stains

Do not hesitate to try Mr. Blanc today.

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