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Safety tips for using teeth whitening kits

An effective and high quality home teeth whitening kit is a safe home whitening option how to achieve attractive smile without having to pay for expensive cosmetic surgeries. Before you start using any of whitening kits, it is a good idea to go through the instruction manual to make sure you properly understand the whole procedure. This will allow you to get the best out of it without wasting any gel.

Most teeth whitening kits come with self that can easily store all the excess gel you’re not going to use now. All the residual gel can be saved for future use once you feel your teeth are darken again. The whole kit should be stored in cool and dry place and most important, out of the reach of children. This is specifically important if you decide to use some peroxide-based whitening kit.

If you use whitening kit that uses peroxide as the active whitening agent, make sure you do not use any product that contains higher concentration of peroxide than 20%. Only products with lower concentration are suitable for home teeth whitening. All the rest has to be used under a supervision of professional dentist as peroxide is an aggressive substance and could cause serious health issues. If you don’t want to worry about side effects, use some sodium bicarbonate whitening kits instead. These are even more effective and safe to use.

Always remember, that the whitening gel works similarly as clothes bleach does, so be careful and avoid any touch with your clothes to prevent any damage. Also make sure you don’t touch your eyes and always properly wash your hands with hot water once you have finished with the whitening procedure.

If you use some of the older whitening kits, the mouth trays provided most likely won’t be flexible enough to fit your teeth properly, so use it carefully not to overfill the gel. On the other hand, all those new products come with plastic flexible trays that will perfectly fit the teeth and you won’t waster any whitening gel.

Once your bleaching session is over, rinse your mouth with hot water and carefully clean the tray to get rid of all remaining gel. After it dries, it is ready for next use. If you take care of the tray properly, it will last for several whitening procedures. If you feel it is over worn, throw it away and use a new one.

Using a good quality whitening kit is extremely easy and safe, especially if you follow the instructions. If you use some of those most popular and effective whitening kits, you will achieve that shining smile easily and re-gain your self-confidence.

Non-peroxide vs peroxide teeth whitening kits

The market is flooded with so many different kinds of home teeth whitening kits nowadays that it can become very difficult to choose the right one among so many options available. Until a while ago, there used to be only peroxide based teeth whitening kits in the marketplace for anyone wanting to lighten the color of his/her teeth.

However, now people wanting to lighten their teeth can also opt for non-peroxide home teeth whitening kits. Let us now look at a fair comparison between the non-peroxide and peroxide based teeth whitening kits. This comparison with help you make an informed decision about the right one for your needs.

All peroxide teeth whitening kits have peroxide as their most prominent and active ingredient. This peroxide is present either in the form of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide in these whitening kits. Strength and the type of exact peroxide ingredient used in the kit may vary from brand to brand. On the other hand, in case of non-peroxide home teeth whitening products, there is no peroxide content employed to bleach the user’s teeth. The active ingredient in the non-peroxide kits is sodium bicarbonate.

Even though peroxide has been in used for several years in the teeth whitening kits, some recently conducted medical research and their reports suggest that the peroxide can be very dangerous to the overall human health. This chemical if used in its high strength can also remove the protective enamel layer on the user’s teeth. However, the most significant risk discovered with the peroxide teeth whitening kits is that the peroxide in them can also cause mouth cancer.

Thankfully, as non-peroxide kits do not consist of any peroxide at all, they are completely safe from any such risks. Hence, while using a non-peroxide product to whiten your teeth, you will never have to be concerned about any possible teeth damage or harmful health conditions such as cancer. Not only is sodium bicarbonate extremely safe for teeth whitening, it has also been proven to be much more effective than peroxide. Moreover, it can deliver its results by application for comparatively much short periods in comparison to any commonly available peroxide based teeth whitening product.


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