Best Teeth Whitening Kits

Do you long for that perfect, Hollywood smile but don’t know where to start? That’s ok, for its a very crowded marketplace. There are now hundreds of teeth whitening kits available to buy these days so it can be really difficult trying to find the best  one to suit your needs. Luckily, we have done the legwork and we have tested dozens of kits, gels, and home treatments to bring you the very best teeth whitening products in 2020.

Lots of choice can be a good thing, but too much choice just makes buying a product more difficult. There are so many different things to take into account. So, what we have done is look at the best selling, and most highly rated teeth whitening products available online right now and ranked them according to the following factors:

  • Effectiveness
  • Speed of results
  • Safety
  • Customer Feedback
  • Value for Money

We have invested a lot of time so that you can buy, safe in the knowledge that you are getting the best possible product for the best possible price. Whats more, wherever possible, we have tried to seek out the best discounts on these market leading products so not only will you get the pearly white smile of your dreams but you wont need to have a Hollywood movie star budget to achieve it.

So, without further ado, lets look what we believe are the best teeth whitening kits in 2020.

Overall Score
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Ease Of Use
Customer Reviews
Value For Money
Guarantee 60 Days 60 Days 60 Days
Price Basic Kit $59
Complete Set $101
60 Tabs $53.95
120 Tabs $107.90
180 Tabs $129.95
1 Pack $50.17
2 Packs $90.30
NEW* 5HTP Formula $71.91
Discount Available
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1. Zero Peroxide

Zero Peroxide is one of the only systems that we have found which does not use peroxide as the whitening agent. Using a combination of natural products including bicarbonate of soda and pomegranate, this system features a powerful LED light to help accelerate results.

Its easy to use, clean, comfortable and suitable for almost everyone, even those of us who suffer from sensitivity of the gums and teeth. Add to the fact that its currently available with a decent discount, free shipping and a cast-iron guarantee and we are happy to recommend the Zero Peroxide system as our number one pick.

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2. Bella Labs

It seems that most of us would like to have a dazzling Hollywood smile but, sadly, in most cases the effects of drinking tea/coffee, smoking or even aging can lead to discoloration of our teeth. Of course, one solution is to use an at home teeth whitening system , like the one we are about to look at here – the Bella Labs Teeth Whitening System

The Bella system uses a mouthpiece and gel whitening solution and, as we have seen in other articles on this site these kinds of systems, while affordable,  can sometimes provide mixed results. However, you can be sure that because the Bella Teeth Whitening system has made it onto our short list  its one of the better systems out there. The big question is, though, just how effective is it? Well, read on and find out…

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3. Alta White

Our number 3 choice – but it was a close run thing – is the Alta White system. Its clear that Alta White does what it promises and is a reasonably good teeth whitening product but, like like all peroxide based systems it should be used with care. This is especially true if you suffer from sensitive teeth or have a history of gum problems but, other than that it seems very safe.

Alta Whites main advantage,lies with how easy it is to use. In fact, out of all the products we tried, Alta White was the most suitable for travelers or business people who are away from home a lot. You can carry it with you on holiday, or on business trips and perform your daily teeth whitening regime wherever you are. It only takes a few minutes to do and, over time results are as good as most other systems we have seen. Given the low price and ease of use we rate Alta White as our #3 teeth whitening product.

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