Teeth Whitening Pens



Teeth whitening pens are another method of applying peroxide-based gel. Some users prefer pens because they’re less messy than whitening trays or paint-on products. It can be a very good touch-up method when at home or while travelling.


Probably the primary benefit of home teeth whitening would be the money it will save you. Dentists offer whitening services in their office, but they are extremely costly. Also, these procedures are seen as cosmetic and therefore are not covered by dental insurance. If you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars for whiter teeth, you can choose to use teeth whitening products in your own home.

Using a teeth whitening pen is very simple. You must brush your teeth thoroughly before using the pen. It is also advised that you floss to remove all traces of food. When your teeth are completely clean, you can then use the pen to apply the gel. All you need to do is squirt the gel on your teeth and allow it to sit. This is much more convenient than messy mouthpieces that you have to fill with gel and then place in your mouth. It is also easier to do than placing strips on your teeth, which must be placed properly in order to be effective.


Teeth whitening pens apply the gel conveniently by just twisting up some of the product and applying to the teeth. The pen can be used at night or during the day, as needed. The gel in pens is similar to that used with trays in that it can contain up to 44% carbamide peroxide.


Some users find that they see results in as little as two days depending on the concentration and type of peroxide. For faster results, some users have found that repeating the application instructions every 10 minutes for 1 or 2 hours was effective although this is not recommended for those pens with stronger concentrations of peroxide. Whitening pens are perfect for touching-up in between other whitening methods, or treating stains in a particular spot.

Pros and Cons

The main advantage of whitening pens is that they can tossed in a purse, backpack, suitcase or travel pouch to touch-up on-the-go. Many users also like their ease of use even compared to paint-on applications. Simply turn the bottom of the pen to push up the whitening product and apply the gel to your teeth.

Idol White after photoPerhaps the main disadvantage to pens is that they have a limited reservoir. Even though some can have up to 50 touch-up uses in them, you’ll probably get two maybe three full applications’ worth before it is empty. So it may not be the most cost effective solution for a complete treatment.

Tips and Guidelines for Use

  • Allow the gel to harden. The best way to do this is to keep your lips away from your teeth for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Wait before you eat. Avoid eating and drinking for at least one hour.
  • Tooth Sensitivity. Stronger peroxide-based gels (22% and up) may cause tooth sensitivity and burn gums if it comes in contact with them.

Are teeth whitening pens really effective and do they work?

The desire to have whiter teeth has always been the concern of many people. The teeth whitening market is flourishing and is rich in products. Relying on a professional dentist for whitening your teeth is considered for many people to be inconvenient because of tight schedules and low personal budgets. This is where the tooth whitening pens have made their mark as a tooth whitening alternative for many people.

The latest bleaching system, over-the-counter is presented in the face of teeth whitening pens. These pens make the process of teeth whitening simpler than it has even been before. A wide array of them is offered on the market, making it quick and simple to have a system able to support in an easy way the busy schedule of today’s individual.

For dental bleaching, a tooth whitening pen is used. Carbamide peroxide up to 35% is usually contained in it, serving as a bleaching agent. It also contains bleach in liquid form, making it possible for you to achieve results by painting it on your teeth. Other pen types simply contain gel, used instead of a liquid form.

For using the gel, the whitening pens bottom should be rotated. This allows for a little amount of gel to be expelled onto the brush. Then, a layer of the teeth whitening gel is applied onto the teeth and 60 seconds given for it to dry.

The liquid form is used when the normal brushing is done prior to painting your teeth. The procedure lasts for as long as ten seconds. Then, after two minutes of drying, you’ve accomplished the task.

After the use of a teeth whitening pen, for as long as ten minutes at least, eating or drinking should be avoided. This will ensure the bleaching agents won’t be neutralized.
The reviews for teeth whitening pens vary. This is so because they are considered not to be as effective as whitening trays or strips. When wet, they can be dislodged in an easy way. Another drawback is that when the period isn’t long enough, the changes are minor. Irrespective of all this, many are on the opinion that your teeth will become lighter by three shades in a period of several months when these pens are used regularly. They bring up a cheap way for you to achieve a whiter tooth color if you desire to have a quick and simple way of achieving professional results.

Quitting smoking, avoiding coffee, citrus juices and tea would simply aid one in an effort to whiten his teeth by using these pens. Habits like these are considered to be the prime reasons for teeth discoloration. Teeth appearance is improved by halting these vices.